What is Smart Targeting?

Smart Targeting is when we display your digital ads to individuals who are actively searching for your product or service online, within your targeted geographical area. Smart Targeting is available when less than 10,000 pieces are mailed.

What is a Campaign Accelerator?

The Campaign Accelerator is Smart Targeting that is activated just prior to the mailing reaching mailboxes, to drive visitors to your website to accelerate Google’s minimum traffic requirement so that Online Follow-Up can begin.

What is Online Follow-Up?

Online Follow-Up is when your digital ads are displayed to only the people who have visited your website. This can be implemented when 10,000 pieces or more are mailed, and the Google minimum traffic threshold requirement is satisfied.

What is Call Tracking?

The Call Tracking feature allows you to track exactly how many calls your business receives from each campaign. It also allows you to listen to the recordings of every phone call to ensure your sales process is running smoothly. Calls are directed to your business phone but recorded and tracked through the call tracking software.

What is Social Medial Follow-Up?

This feature allows you to take online follow up even further using Facebook. You can keep your business in front of your prospects everywhere they go. Facebook has just reached its record high 2.01 billion monthly active users and this number is climbing every day. This new Social Media Follow-Up feature ensures that you truly achieve maximum exposure to those people interested in your product or service.

What is Informed Delivery?

Imagine receiving an email every morning with digital previews of your mail that is scheduled to arrive at your home that day. This is Informed Delivery. The new USPS feature allows you to view images of the mail pieces you’re soon to receive in your mailbox, with viewing access to all items from one convenient location. The Informed Delivery email open rate averages 76%. Currently, there are over 16 million people signed up for this service.  It puts your direct mail piece in the digital and physical world simultaneously. Mail360 can also include a full-color ad placed directly underneath the direct mail preview, with a link to your take visitors directly to your website.

What is Mail Tracking?

Mail Tracking gives you the ability to verify the actual delivery date of your mail campaign. There are several reports and views available, such as: by state, by county, even down to the individual household or business. This feature can provide several benefits, particularly when you are staffing a call center or a store location.