The Leads360 program is a personalized multi-touch, omnichannel lead nurturing campaign. It includes micro-level analytics that track and automate all touch points to cultivate a positive relationship with prospective customers.
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With our Leads360 cross-channel marketing campaigns, you can harness more sales-ready leads with powerful lead nurturing capabilities and behavioral scoring tools that identify those who are most interested in your products or services. Our marketing automation programs create a personalized experience across multiple channels and cultivate a positive relationship with prospective customers. Easy and powerful for you, and engaging for your audience, Leads360 includes:


Deploy a microsite for your next sale promotions, new product launch, customer survey or upcoming event. A microsite provides content that is specific to what you are trying to promote. It provides precise information that the visitor seeks without wading through unnecessary clutter or complex navigation structures. See just how powerful Leads360 can be when you use gURLs (general website URL) and pURLs (personalized website URL) to drive visitors to your microsite.

Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Connect printed materials, emails, SMS messages, no ring voice mails, and websites together with Leads360. Now more than ever you can’t rely on one, automated marketing channel to get your messaging out. Incorporate multiple, personalized messages into a combination of marketing channels to reach prospects when they choose, wherever they are. Leads360 can help you connect to your target audiences.

No Ring Voicemail

We can deliver a message directly into your prospect’s voicemail without their phone ever ringing. No Ring Messaging is a cost-effective way to reach the prospects in your database. With Leads360 you record your voice message, replay it, and send it to us to schedule distribution. It is an unobtrusive means of communicating with your prospect or customer as their time permits.


Powerful lead nurturing and behavioral scoring tools that track and collect information about the performance of your campaign provide excellent feedback to determine effectiveness. Once a prospect reaches a certain score, Leads360 notifies your sales executives to start calling on them. This ensures qualified leads and efficient use of sales time.