Seamlessly track the success of your direct mail campaign and enhance results using complementary digital channels of communication.
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Mail360 is the marketing solution designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns while enhancing results through complementary digital channels. Mail360 consists of Individual services that are bundled together in one convenient package. Ease of use, effective communication, and high response rates add up to noteworthy ROI. Mail360 includes the following elements:

Mail Tracking

With Mail360 you will know when your direct mail pieces reach targeted mailboxes. This allows you to be prepared for the increased volume of phone calls, emails, and online leads. Additionally, in your online Mail360 dashboard you can see for yourself, how your campaign has progressed. Track the percentage of mail that has arrived and put your mind at ease. No more wondering if the mail actually went out.

Call Tracking

By adding a call tracking identifying phone number to your mailing pieces you will know definitively if someone is calling you because they have received one of your direct mailing pieces. Every call that comes in via the call tracking number is undoubtedly a result of your direct mailing campaign. You can even listen to the recorded calls and refer to them later for training and quality assurance.

Informed Delivery

Imagine receiving an email every morning with scanned images of your mail before it gets delivered to your home or office. This is possible with Informed Delivery by USPS. Mail360 integration with Informed Delivery adds a full-color ad with a clickable link to your company’s website to these emails to complement your direct mail message with digital advertising.

If you do not have Informed Delivery by USPS you can sign up for it here.

Online Follow-Up

After a prospect receives your direct mail piece and visit your website, they will receive a “cookie” via Google. Later, when the prospect is browsing the internet, they will see your ad and be reminded of their original interest with your company. On average, 26% to 42% of website visitors who are receiving the retargeted ads will return to a website and when they do, they are 70% more likely to convert to a customer.

Social Media Follow-Up

Mail360 tracks your website visitors who have an active Facebook account. The website of each visitor will receive a cookie on their Facebook profile and start to see your ad in their news feed. On average people spend about 50 minutes per day on Facebook. The Mail360 Social Media Follow-Up feature ensures that your business will truly achieve maximum exposure to those people interested in your products or services.


Mail360 takes your mailing list and matches each name with their Facebook or Instagram user accounts. Now your target market will not only receive the direct mail piece but will simultaneously be seeing the same message on their Facebook and Instagram feeds, even before they visit your website. On average, Mail360 can match about 40 to 60% of the people on your mailing lists—including B2B! (Business to Business).


You can now identify who came to your website from your mailing. LeadMatch is an advanced measurement solution able to track and record exactly who visited your website as a result of your mailing, regardless of whether or nor they took an action. In addition, LeadMatch gives you the opportunity to mail to your website visitors who came as a result of your mailing. Never guess again how effective your direct mail campaign was!

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